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SAI Flexi Sign Making

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SAI Flexi Sign Making SAI Flexi Sign Making

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SAI Flexi Sign Making SAI Flexi Sign Making

The Heart of Every Successful Sign Making Business!

FlexiSIGN-PRO – SAI’s flagship product, offers the total solution for any sign making business. With genuine Adobe® PostScript® 3 engine, ICC profile support and built-in direct drivers, FlexiSIGN-PRO offers complete design, cutting, RIPing and printing tools for maximum productivity.

SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account
SAI Flexi Cloud

FlexiEXPERT – is packaged for the professional sign maker who requires advanced vinyl cutting and bitmap editing tools, but does not require color-printing output. FlexiEXPERT includes full design, text serialization, and color tracing features. It also includes the Job Estimator for accurate project management and design templates for faster production.

FlexiSIGN – SAI’s mid-level sign making package, provides exceptional tools to produce high-quality signage without a large initial investment. In addition to design, vinyl cutting, scanning, and tracing capabilities, FlexiSIGN also includes Job Statistics and Text Styles for enhanced performance.

SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account

FlexiLETTER – offers the basic necessities for a vinyl sign business. Included in this entry-level design and cutting software are features such as import/export files, full text manipulation, and direct drivers for the industry’s most popular vinyl cutters.

FlexiDESIGNER – is a software design program with no output capability. This enables you to have a second design-only or sales station in which layouts can be shown to your customers without tying up your production line. You have all the advanced design, layout and image editing features of FlexiSIGN-PRO to prepare files for output on another FlexiSIGN-PRO station.

SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account

FlexiSIGN-PRO Features

FlexiSign GUI
Send to SignTracker
Send to Sign Tracker
Send a thumbnail of each print job from Flexi directly to Sign Tracker, SAi’s business management software. Now you have a visual proof for every invoice you generate.
Ink Estimation
Eliminate the guesswork of job costing, with the exciting new Ink Estimation tool in Flexi 10. Estimate how much ink each print job will use to help calculate the true cost of every print job. Even the most seasoned print shops will find this feature to be an incredibly useful tool.
Gain a better understanding of your production and make more informed decisions about upcoming expenses, incoming jobs and daily workflow with the Ink Estimation tool.
Smooth Shadows
This new advanced shadow feature is one of the most requested features by Flexi users. Smooth Shadow allows you to apply transparency effects to shadows for smoother and softer edges, taking your design work to a whole new level.
Nest by Vinyl Color Nest by Vinyl Color
When a vinyl-cutting job calls for more than one color, Flexi 10 will nest each color separately. This maximizes media savings and minimizes production time.
Contour Cut Nesting Contour Cut Nesting in Production Manager
Now you can nest contour cut jobs right in Production Manager. Add jobs with multiple contour paths from 3rd party applications directly into Production Manager and eliminate the extra steps. This is just one of the many ways Flexi 10 is increasing your productivity.
Unlimited split lines Unlimited Split Lines
Add, delete, and move split lines for maximum flexibility. Place split lines anywhere–in between letters, beside lines of text, even place multiple lines across large objects. Plus,
delete discreet lines in small spaces. This feature makes weeding easy, accurate, and effortless.
Bad Wrap Support Bad Wrap™ Support
Design a vehicle wrap using Bad Wrap templates without having to switch software! Flexi 10 now supports designing in layers
Advanced PDF support Advanced PDF Support
This feature is sure to save sign shop owners hours of headache! New in Flexi 10, a link option has been added to the import dialog for Adobe® PDF files. Linking the PDF file will ensure that the proper colors are used from the original file. Text and objects can be added and the Make Transparent Tool and Contour Cut effect can be applied. Flexi will apply these actions while keeping the original colors, blends and transparencies intact.
PlusPRINT Option PlusPRINT Option

SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account
If you are thinking about buying a large-format printer to add to your product offerings, this option is for you. PlusPRINT can be added to FlexiSIGN or FlexiEXPERT products and will give you the ability to print to any of Flexi’s hundreds of printer drivers. Just another way that Flexi 10 will help grow your sign business.
Additional Features in Flexi Pro:

SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account

Design Central and Design Editor– has changed to a vertical orientation so you get larger entry boxes and an increased design area.
Shortcut Icons– have been added for quicker and easier menu navigation.
Thumbnail Images– for easier file recognition so you can preview images, even with Flexi 8 closed.
Object Handles– descriptive tips with an explanation of what each handle does when mouse hovers
Text Styles– function has been introduced enabling you to capture and apply text styles like font features, effects and color from one text block to another. You will see increased productivity by saving Text Styles in a library for use in future designs.
Spell Check– has been improved with increased speed, along with context errors like “TYpo”
Text Toolbar– has been added giving you easier access to text commands for increased productivity.
SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account
Break Apart and Join Together– commands now break words into individual letters, and join letters into words.
Define Character– feature allows modification of individual characters. Now you have the ability to create a custom font and save commonly used images and logos for easy retrieval.
Rip and Print– now has Desktop Printer ability.
Network to PP Server v3 or PP Server v3– allows you to send print jobs giving you increased productivity.
Color Keys– an option which allows separations to be printed in color.
RIP Log– has been expanded to include all the statistics for the print customer. You will have easier access to all of the data relating to the print, in addition to the RIP time and errors.
Full Overprint and Overprint with Trapping– options have been added for your thermal resin printers.
Mirror Tool– has been added so you have full control of mirroring objects like angle and distance.
Inner Border Option– easily creates a rectangular border, controlling corner style, corner radius and border thickness.
Graphic Styles– can now be saved, stored and applied to any object. This will save you time! It’s now faster and easier to save and apply your common design styles that include features like fill or effects.
Templates– have been added for customizable invoices and proofs. These templates make you look professional!
Plus many more!
SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account
What if I own an older version of Flexi?

Flexi 10 has taken advantage of today’s computer technologies adding many new tools and features enabling you to be more productive and profitable. You are able to upgrade your older Flexi license to the latest and greatest – you may even decide to move up even farther to a higher level then your existing level within the Flexi FAMILY. Sign Warehouse can quote you an upgrade price, based on your existing product level, version number and key number.
Flexi 10 users: Get a free upgrade to Flexi Cloud between now and April 30, 2013!
SAI Flexi Sign Making Software cracked download + key account

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